chooo..chooo..A Journey..

20 May


My first word for my new entry..has been 2 years i did’nt write,sharing up my life,my stories and my days or MY JOURNEY..but after give a full thoughts..then i realize,there’s so many things either it’s good or not so good..writing it up actually one of the therapy that might be can help me or others to simplify the difficulties of life every single day..

For me: Life is A Journey..Is like having a ride with a train to our own destination..In  the middle of journey, we wil meet a lot of people;they come and go bringing up their stories,sharing laughter and bitterness of their life and  coloured our life altoghether..we have our own goals and destiny.. to go train will depart very soon..i’m ready to start a new journey..actually A Journey..wanna to take a ride to the next station?

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